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Yum, Krill!
United States
Favourite genre of music: Pop; Techno; Classical; J-pop
Favourite cartoon character: Rufus ("Kim Possible"); Zechs Merquise, et al ("Gundam Wing"); GIR ("Invade
Personal Quote: "Jeasey peasey pudding and Christ!"
Okay, so I have not posted recently.  And now, I probably will not anymore.  Some of my work was taken down for "violations of policy".  Well, you know what?  If the army *really* has nothing better than to persecute people like me who are trying to make an artistic statement, then this country has become worse than I can imagine.  DevArt, I understand, is trying to keep itself out of trouble, but, honestly, in court, the army would go down faster than a sack of potatoes.  United States citizens have a right to freedom of speech.  As I was not distributing with intent to sell, the project I posted would really not be a problem.  But, rules are rules, and, although god knows I am not the first person to post material that could be construed as copyrighted, I am just going to shrug it off and probably never post here again.  But it is not bitter, I am just disappointed that we live in a country / civilization where such measures must be taken.  Do people honestly have nothing better to do with their lives than sue others over things that, in the long run, will never touch a significant portion of people?  -.-...  Oh well.


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is it just me or have you not submited any thing in a while? whered you go?
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it lives! its alive! run! ...yeah...
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